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World Beer Mile Championships!!!!

The Flotrack World Beer Mile Championships in Austin, TX were awesome! My race result wasn't quite what I wanted, but given my little preparation I am happy with it. Definitely, lots of room for improvement!

I was actually regretting signing up for the event in the few days before heading down to Austin. I was out shape having just come off my end of season break, and hadn't prepared much for the event. Consequently, I was thinking that perhaps I was making a mistake heading to Austin to compete.

Any regrets I had before travelling to Austin were totally washed away once I arrived! The whole week was a ton of fun, I am super happy that I went down there and raced. I met so many great people, and the event itself was amazing. Not to mention, the cycling and running in Austin were fabulous. Lots of rolling hills for cycling with wide shoulders, and great trails for running along the Colorado River. I am definitely looking forward to going back there next year!

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