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New Sponsors for 2015!!!

Over the past few months during my down time/ off season I have been working hard at gaining more sponsors for the 2015 season. Reaching out to people and putting myself out there is definitely not something I am good at, so this was a challenge in itself. Simply the act of contacting sponsors seemed scary at first. The thing I realized is that the worst thing that can happen is they say "no". After a few "no's" I was a little discouraged, but also realized that someone saying no wasn't that big of a deal, hence, I kept plugging away with many emails and phone calls to potential sponsors.  I am happy I overcame my insecurities and shyness (yes I am shy at first...) as I was able to secure some fantastic sponsors. The people I am working with at these companies are super genuine and supportive of my endeavors, I could not be happier to be working with them. 


“The thing I realized is that the worst thing that can happen is they say 'no'.”

In the past month and a half I have been fortunate to add the following awesome sponsors: Redbull, Brooks Running, Triflare, and Joe Coffee NYC.  The guys down at Redbull NYC are super cool, and I am pumped to have them supporting me. Redbull definitely helps me out in training when I am slightly tired and need that extra edge from caffeine. 

While in Austin, TX for the World Beer Mile Championships I had the opportunity to meet the Brooks Sports Marketing manager in person. He remembered my emails and changed his mind after meeting me in person to add me to the squad. I am super excited about this sponsorship. Brooks makes fantastic trainers, racing flats, and apparel. The positive attitude at Brooks is infectious, even their slogan “run happy” couldn’t be more fitting. Running is always the best part of my day! 

Triflare is a new trisuit/swimsuit company that makes amazing bright colored, beautifully designed suits. From the moment I saw people racing in their suits I immediately wanted one myself! I love standing out and am a bit of a fashionista, so their suits were just what I was looking for. Their combination of performance and fashion is unparalleled. I’m super excited to be racing in their suits in 2015!

Last but certainly not least, is Joe Coffee NYC. Joe Coffee has been my favorite coffee shop in New York since I moved here 3.5 years ago. I am definitely a regular costumer, and even considered proximity to a Joe when choosing apartments! The co-founder, Gabrielle,  is a triathlete and runner herself, and is super supportive of my goals in triathlon. I feel very lucky to have Joe Coffee helping me out.

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