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Could smell first place at the Muskoka 70.3

Overall, this was a very solid race given I had just come off a mid-season break and was by no means in peak form. Despite not feeling race sharp, or on my "A" game, I feel that I executed very well, and only came up a little short of first place. 

The swim was a solo effort, just me and myself. I guess it was good practice siting and swimming straight. I swam a 29:18. Nothing to get excited about, but not terrible either.

On the other hand, my T1 was horrible. My wetsuit was stuck on my ankle, my bike computer fell off my bike, I wasted waaay too much time in there. These are things I need to clean up, as it is "free time" that I am losing. 

I started the bike as expected with a really high HR. My legs felt horrible, so I just went out very conservatively (186 watts actually for the first 9 miles). My HR finally settled and I started to feel stronger. On the flats I had good sections where I was holding 215 watts. Overall, I averaged 209 watts (NP), a little less than my race plan of 215, and my split was only 1 second slower than the fastest bike split and race winner, Jen Spieldenner. 

I started the run at what I perceived to be "hard" but my HR wasn't that high. I was running 5:45 pace for the first half mile before coming to a sizeable hill and ended up only going out in a 6:06. My first 4 miles were pretty solid pace wise, but they were all net downhill. I was never able to get my HR up to level I usually do in Half Irons, which I account to not coming into this race sharp. I was definitely lacking run specificity at or near race pace effort...I had only been running 6:40 pace or slower the past 2 months. Given my preparation on the run, I feel I should be happy with a race best of 1:22:07 on a very hilly course. However, coming from a running background I will always probably think my run was slow and could've been faster. 

I was trying to make up over 4 minutes on the run to the race leader, which definitely motivated me to run hard. Unfortunately, I came up a little short, a little under 40 seconds. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was pissed I didn't catch her, but in reality I just didn't have another gear to go to in my legs. I am super competitive, and well who likes coming second? With that being said Jen, is an excellent athlete, and had a great race.

“ I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was pissed I didn't catch her, but in reality I just didn't have another gear to go to in my legs.”

So as it stands, I'm still working towards winning my first Ironman 70.3. Overall, I am happy with the race as I have qualified for World 70.3 Champs with the points earned here. 

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